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The American Indian Advisory Council (AIAC) was established to work towards a mutually beneficial relationship among Native nations and the University of Minnesota Crookston. This relationship is intended to be an active partnership that addresses the current and future needs for education and enhancement of relationships, programming and other mutually beneficial endeavors that benefit the region.

The AIAC will serve as a liaison between the American Indian communities and the University of Minnesota Crookston. The council will consult with the University of Minnesota Chancellor on matters related to campus programs and services on behalf of American Indian students; interests and concerns of the immediate American Indian community; methods to encourage and foster the educational advancement of American Indian students in admissions, retention, and achievement of educational objectives; and efforts to develop and increase support for American Indian educational advancement through public relations efforts at the community, state, and federal levels. AIAC will accomplish its purpose by providing advising and expertise to the University of Minnesota Crookston Chancellor, identifying and prioritizing the needs of the Native American communities, including students. It will also serve as a liaison to the region and will bring educational needs of the Nations to UMN Crookston as well as help to bring students to the UMN Crookston campus.


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