Top 50 Best Value Online Undergraduate Computer Science Programs for 2017

Just like the party guest in The Graduate who provided the unwanted career advice, “Plastics,” a well-meaning relative or friend of the family might seriously suggest to a young student, “Computers, that’s the future.” They’d be wrong, though – computers are the present, and there’s not a single aspect of life today that doesn’t involve them.

For new college students and working adults alike, a degree in Computer Science looks like one of the most sure bets for a sustainable, secure career. The field is wide open, and no matter how many people enter Computer Science programs, there are still not enough programmers, analysts, and technicians to meet the demand.

Computer science would seem like an ideal field for studying online, and many students are choosing online degree programs. Whether undergraduates, degree completion, or second-degree, online programs are exploding – 22% of graduate students nation-wide, and 11% of undergraduates, are learning completely online, with rates as high as 35% in rural states like Kansas.

Value Colleges, the independent online guide to the smartest investment in higher education, has put together this ranking of the Best Value online computer science and information technology degrees to lead this growing segment of the student population in the right direction. Online education is still associated in many people’s minds with worthless diploma mills, but Value Colleges seeks out the most reputable, most affordable, more reliable online educators among regionally-accredited public and private colleges and universities.

We rank programs according to three overall metrics:

  • ROI – Scorecard
  • Salary data Reputation – US News Overall Score
  • Cost – Per credit hour price

The Value Colleges formula assures students that they are choosing the programs with the best combination of price and quality, and that their degree will have real-world value on the job market. That is the Value Colleges promise.

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