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True Stories

True Story from Papou, UMC Admission Counselor

At a MnACC fair at Osseo High School, a sophomore stopped by my booth and looked sort of confused. I asked them if they had any questions or even heard about our campus thinking that’s where the confused look was coming from. They said to me that they are confused by this whole school thing in general and asked me what the difference was between a college and a university. I let them know that the difference is just the name and that a college and a university are similarly the same thing. I then talked about the differences of a college/university being either public or private and that there are also two year schools that provide associates degrees as well as technical and vocational schools. We then started to talk about their interest in art and how they wanted to one day become an entrepreneur selling their art which led on a path of talking about art programs to build on their current passion and the path studying business. It was a great conversation because they came to me not knowing really what us counselors were doing at their school to learn more about the possibilities of higher education towards their career and the different paths their passion could lead them.

True Story from Amberly, UMC Admission Counselor

I was at a High School Fair at West Fargo HS when a mom and dad came up to my table super excited and with big smiles and called out “Hi Amberly we just wanted to come over and say hello to you again. You toured our son Hunter through campus in August. We just wanted to let you know that he has decided to go to Crookston next Fall and we cannot be more excited for him. Coach Weisse has been awesome to work with. He has communicated so much with Hunter, which has already made us feel so connected to the college and he isn’t even a student there yet!”

True Story from Megan Kragness, UMC Business Professor

I had a meeting with a prospetive student and her mother that went FANTASTIC today! They said they have gone on several college visits and this one was by far the best and stands out to them! They said they have never had the opportunity to meet with a faculty member at the other colleges and it meant a lot to them. They were impressed with meeting the volleyball team, coaches, admissions, campus tour (loved Heritage Hall), and learning about the Management and Marketing programs. Overall, they left feeling very pleased and thankful and they will be at the volleyball game today!


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