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Sustainability Minor

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Improve Your World with a Sustainability Minor

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals LogoDo you have a desire to end extreme poverty, reduce inequalities, and protect the planet? The minor in sustainability is designed to provide you with a fundamental understanding of the multidisciplinary and interconnectedness of sustainability, regardless of your major. Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guiding framework, students will develop a skill set that allows graduates to understand, articulate, and implement sustainability practices that will be used to solve the many sustainability-related challenges in our society. Since sustainability is more than just an environmental issue, the minor is designed to be accessible to students in all majors. Find out how you fit into a sustainable future.

Students will learn how to utilize the SDGs within their field of study, thus the minor is designed to be accessible to students in all majors. All disciplines are impacted by and have contributions to make in achieving the SDGs for our world.

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    22-24 credits
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    Understand how Sustainability relates to your major
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    Students with bags of aluminum cans for recycling
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    A group of students with large solar panels behind them
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    United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Guided Framework
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    Free Standing Minor


Sustainability Minor


  • With the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Sustainability has become a focal point for global dialogue.

  • Sustainability is valuable in the workplace and the world.  The demand is growing for people with an understanding of the interplay among economic, social, and environmental factors.

  • Applies systems thinking to real world problems and provides real world solutions.

  • It’s an adaptable path of study: flexible and interdisciplinary to complement any major.

  • Join an inspired community of students who not only understand the problems the world is facing, but are actively involved in finding solutions to those problems.

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